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whose real name is Rauf Yasit, is a Berlin Dancer and artist with kurdish roots. When he was a child his father who was
a folklore-dance teacher in kurdistan taught him all traditional kurdish dances (Govend, هه‌ڵپه‌ركێ ). His father made him dance at weddings
or when family came for visit. Holding his siblings hands, dancing in circles and adding single or couple of figures to the geometrical center,
with a leading and trailing  Dancer waving a colorful kerchief in elaborate motions.

Rauf hated it as a child but his father would allways tell him : " It is a part of our culture, this is how we celebrate"

1998 he first started attend the Break Dancing spot in his hometown Celle.

Making his way wasn't easy. Over a lot of years many dancers in the scene disrespected his style, telling him that what he is doing isn't Breaking, Rauf turned the disrespect and criticism into creativity.

2007 RubberLegz first started to work in an contemporary dance Production. For the first time he had to dance with contemporary dancers
and circus artist. He would be alone on stage for up to 6 min performing solo choreographed pieces telling a story. Totally different than
break dance battles where you enter the dance floor and hit your moves for 20/30 seconds to beat your opponent. Rehearsing up to
8 hours 5 times a week, dancing wasn't just a hobby anymore, it became his work and his life. He taught them things, they taught him things
and his style started to change completely. RubberLegz felt more complete. His style got more expressive and dramatic. Working on his form,
technique, expression, character and execution made him realize that dancing is much more than just hitting a crazy move. Rauf has pushed street dancing in a darker, more mature way.

He will never forget his break dance roots however. It will always be my first love and inspiration. Street dance gave him so much power and strength, because it comes from pain and anger. Thats why the Breaking is always hard, It is like a fight with your body as a weapon. That is why Break Dance has been evolving so fast over the last few years.

No matter how much he loved to dance and perform, he had to withdraw his self from the scene to master his craft.

Today, at 28 he is a world wide known and respected Break Dancer with his very own special style. Competing and Judging competitions and teaching Workshops all around the Globe.